Welcome to Wisconsin Intervention Services

Welcome to Wisconsin Intervention Services

Welcome to Wisconsin Intervention Services Welcome to Wisconsin Intervention Services Welcome to Wisconsin Intervention Services

About Intervention

Dealing with a loved one's substance abuse and mental health struggles can make you feel like you are alone, without hope and powerless. Individuals with behavioral health struggles can and do get better. They can reclaim their lives and find happiness. Unfortunately, it is rare for someone in the throes of a behavioral health crisis to ask for help or to seek out treatment on their own accord. It is an absolute myth that the affected individual needs to want help for treatment to start and be effective long term. Intervention is one of the most loving things a family can do when faced with a loved one who needs outside help. Bringing in a professional strengthens the whole family and helps unite everyone to send a strong message. Because each family situation is different, the scope and approach to each intervention must vary accordingly. I cater the process to the family's needs and the crisis level of the affected individual. And no matter how we proceed, the overwhelming message is one of love and hope. Our primary goal is to get the loved one into treatment. Our secondary goals are to take away the blame and shame, facilitate processing of past trauma and provide tools so that the family can begin the process of healing. 

About Angela

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Angela Utschig is the owner of Wisconsin Intervention Services and she provides all intervention services. Her background: B.S. in Psychology, Master's level certification in Trauma Counseling, Master's level addiction coursework, Motivational Interviewing for Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis, Sexual Assault Advocacy and counseling training. ARISE Intervention Model training, Field Model of Intervention training, Break Free Intervention training and much more...

Angela's story

I possess a unique background that allows me to feel empathy and understanding for both the struggling loved one and their families. I am a survivor of childhood trauma and extensive substance abuse. I went to my first residential treatment program as a suicidal 14 year old and completed two more residential stays before the age of 18. During those years I  spent time in jail, shelter care, a group home and eventually became a long term runaway before finally turning my life around. I do not regret these experiences because they have made me who I am today and have given me personal inspiration to help others who find themselves lost and on the edge of possibly losing it all. Later on in my early adulthood I became the main caregiver to my late mother-in-law who suffered with alcoholism and bipolar disorder. Through her I sadly experienced the late night calls from the police that she was passed out in a snow bank, had started a fire in her condo etc. I lived the pain of a loved one who felt hopeless to help. And finally, 10 years ago I discovered that my now husband was a closet alcoholic. As I worked with his family to intervene and get him treatment, I became aware of the need for someone to walk families through every step of the recovery process.  That ultimately led me to finding my life's work as an Interventionist. I share this personal information to let you know that my work is a labor of absolute love. I feel blessed to be able to help families find hope and recovery. My promise to you is that I will do everything in my power to help your family. Sincerely, Angela


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"We contacted Angela, for her help and assistance in our urgent need to reach out and offer help to our adult son, who is a chronic alcoholic. Prior to the intervention, Angela arranged counseling sessions with our family, with the objective of developing a plan and a time-line to ensure we were thoroughly prepared for the Intervention. This preparation included assistance from Angela, in helping us write our individual letters of intervention. We later presented the letters to our son at the actual intervention. Throughout the counseling sessions and subsequent intervention, Angela displayed a unique ability to lead us, coach us and help us get the message to our son, on how this disease is adversely affecting both his life and our family’s life’s! Thankfully, the result of the recent Intervention was positive, and our son agreed to accept the help that was offered. That same evening, Angela, immediately transported our son to a local Hospital for detoxification and then she drove him to the out of town- Rehab facility and she checked him in the following day. Angela managed the intervention with a compassionate but firm style of leadership, and she is highly skilled in her profession. Her attention to detail is impeccable. We feel very fortunate to have had the privilege of working with her, and we truly would recommend Angela Utschig to anyone requiring her intervention services." ~PD

"I am extremely grateful for my experience in the intervention process with Angela. I felt she did an excellent job in helping our family through a crisis of our son’s addiction to heroin. Angela was very accommodating at a time when we needed to act swiftly. She impressed me in her ability to give us facts on addiction while still presenting it in a caring manner. Throughout the process, my family felt that they could contribute even though she maintained control during this emotional time. During pre-intervention conversations, she put us at ease in helping us to establish a plan that we could realistically follow-through on. The writing of heart-felt letters and their presentation during the intervention coupled with hope and compassion for our son was enough for our son to accept the first step of recovery. We were fortunate enough to not rely on the letters of consequence. Angela also went over and above the typical intervention; going so far as to stay with our son overnight while negotiating his admittance into residential inpatient. Our son felt a strong level of comfort and trust with her. She not only helped my son, but also my family on the road to recovery. I would highly recommend anyone considering an intervention to speak with Angela." ~TST

"I never really got to thank you for all the work you did for my mom's intervention. Thank you so much for the way that you gracefully dealt with our entire family and constantly were willing to do whatever needed to be done to help. You are a great communicator, which was SO important with our planning with people all over the US and people (including myself) who aren't the best communicators all the time. Also, I think your presence at the Intervention made a big difference and was a key factor in helping my mom to accept help. You shared your personal story with us, which was not a part of your job description, but was a key motivator during the intervention. Your honesty about your own story throughout the process made me feel a lot less alone in the process. Thank you." ~ GSL 

"First and foremost we want to thank you for all you have and continue to help us with. It has now been over two years since we first sought your help with an intervention for our daughter. Your expertise, guidance and sensitivity during the beginning stages leading up to the intervention itself were greatly appreciated. As you remember the intervention did not result in treatment and your observations turned out to be accurate. It continues to be a difficult path. While you could have walked away and called it a day you never did. You stayed in contact and have remained there for us long after. Recently we asked you for your professional observations for the court GAL. Once again you were gracious in your response. Your detailed recall of the event two years ago was amazing and most beneficial to the court. Your care and concern for our granddaughter has played a part in her now being in the safe and loving environment of her father and immediate family. We cannot thank you enough for all you have done. Knowing that you remain there for us should we need you is a great comfort. Blessings to you as you continue to help others."Sincerely, K & L

"The intervention Angela Utschig helped us with was one of the most intense days of my life. She truly has a gift. ...no coincidence that part of her name is "Angel"! My family member has now been clean for over 3 years.  Angela has such a high emotional intelligence. ..she connects with the clients even when they're trying to resist her. She's just so real. ...she is there for support, but stays in the background so that the family members/ friends are able to let their love and encouragement shine through. We had to trust her and stay strong. It's truly an amazing process."  ~HRP

"Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our family. We were all so pleased with the gentleness, positivity and supportive tone of the intervention and overwhelmingly relieved that is was successful. We are also so happy that R sees you as someone who is there to help him and someone he can trust. With your help, this process has brought our family closer together and has helped R take the first steps towards meaningful recovery. I look forward to working with you over the next few weeks. With thanks" ~AL

"Dear Angela, I just want to take the time to thank you for the best Christmas present I ever received. My boyfriend! He's been sober now for over 6 months, and I honestly don't think he'd have gone to Rehab if we hadn't held an Intervention for him. Moreover, I doubt he'd have gone with any other Interventionist but you. You are WAY more than exceptional at your job. GOD BLESS YOU and I THANK you again from the bottom of my heart." Love, LK

"When I called Wisconsin Intervention Services I was in crisis mode. All I really knew was that my partner was in bad shape and needed help, but I had no idea what to do or where to go. Angela put me right at ease, showing real care and concern right from the start. She helped me understand the urgency of the situation, what kinds of treatment were available, and the differences between them. With her help, we were able to select a program we felt would best suit our needs. Although we didn't end up needing an intervention, Angela made sure all of our questions were answered and helped us navigate the admissions process, detox, and the transition to residential treatment. She walked us through every step of the process and has continued to take an interest in how we're doing now that my partner is in treatment. Her expertise, dedication, and the care she extends to her clients is beyond exceptional. I can't thank her enough for everything she does. " ~ JK 

"Angela has been a wonderful help to our family over the past couple of years. She helped us find a treatment program for my husband who was on a downward spiral with drinking and in a desperate state of depression. I reached out to Angela and she worked quickly and effectively, she made me realize how critical the situation was and if my husband didn’t receive care immediately he could have died. The following day she came to our house and sat on the floor next to my husband and spoke to him for 2 hours. She convinced him he needed to go for detox and residential treatment. She made all the calls for me and made all the arrangements. She even called the hospital ER to let them know we were on our way. She held his hand all the way through detox and then picked him up and escorted him to the rehab, where he stayed for 28 days.  Since then Angela has given me advice regarding a family member and just recently I contacted her after my son attempted suicide and needed care immediately. I was desperately trying to find a program for young adults 15-20 focusing on depression but it seemed impossible to find. Until I contacted Angela and she was able to recommend a residential facility in my insurance plan, I was able to call them and get him successfully admitted with 24 hours of making the call. I don’t know what we would have done without Angela and her expertise, she is very experienced and well connected. She is truly passionate about her job and she cares about everyone she interacts with. Thank you Angela, you are truly amazing and I wish there was a way to repay you." ~TQ

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